Thing 3.5 – Library Blogs

Whilst not an actual thing (although I am declaring this Thing 3.5! #thingthreepointfive), Rudai23 highlighted 30 library blogs you should add to your RSS Reader.

They suggested Feedly, which I apparently had a dormant account at filled with lots of webcomics, library blogs and queer news to catch up on.

Of the new library blogs, I found a couple of interesting articles that I felt I must share.

On In the Library with the Lead Pipe, surely the best-named library blog, there’s a fascinating article about an exhibition in an academic library about the library’s students to help combat homsickness in new students. Modelled somewhat after Humans of New York, but featuring beautiful watercolour paintings, and ways to participate, this exhibition is emotional and exciting.

Secondly, the Daring Librarian has an article about the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art who have set up a Text Me Art service where you send them a message like “Send me Autumn” or “Send me Rain” and you’ll get an appropriate piece of art, and information about it. A lovely little service – like a pocket of inspiration.

Also, speaking of Library Blogs, shoutouts go to LibFocus (where I’ve had two articles) and the SAH Journal Blog (where I’ve had one).


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